Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sunday, March 10th, I picked up 4 beautiful little rat pups that were shipped in from Camarattery in Colorado. Two are gorgeous dark Russian Blue Irish Dumbos, one male, one female. I now will be able to work with and offer Russian Blues again! And these are a lovely dark shade, not the washed out type. The third pup is a Wheaten(Agouti) Burmese Rex Dumbo male and also his sister, a Siamese Double Rex Dumbo. I needed another Siamese female and love Wheaten Burmese. I'm a very happy camper!

Getting into Boston was easy, but I got lost leaving the cargo area. It all worked out in the end, because by the time I found my way out and made it to the toll booth, the person driving in front of me had performed a "random act of kindness" and had paid my toll! Thank you whoever you are!

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