Friday, March 1, 2013

One of my dogs is a dual purpose dog, and one of his working roles is to be my service dog. I won't go into the reasons for needing a service dog. I will leave it to your imagination.

One of the irritating questions I get when we are out, is what type of collar is that? Well he IS a service dog and I need to be sure he doesn't pull me for ANY reason, so I use a prong collar because it is easier for me. He doesn't pull, but this is for my insurance. The halti-collar/head harness is not as effective, plus how would you like to have something over your mouth when you rely on it all the time? My dog feels the same way about it. I can see the look on his face as he thinks to himself, "NO WAY are you making me wear that!" So, in the end, the prong collar works best for both of us.

Today I had a brilliant idea. Well, the brilliant part could be argued. I recall coming across somebody a long while back that had a prong color on her dog but it wasn't really obvious unless you got up very close or asked her about it. The collar was covered by a nylon collar! So, I happened to remember this meeting and decided to buy one for my own dog's prong collar. Who knew there were so many colors to choose from! Some companies only offered plain black, but I found a couple of companies that offered a dozen or more colors and not all made of nylon. Even though I almost went with a chocolate or camouflage color, I just ended up going with the simple black with "Working K9, Do Not Pet" engraving. Let's see how many people try to come up and pet him with that. ;-) I suppose his service dog vest will give him away though. Oh well.

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