Sunday, August 5, 2012

Here is the 3rd installment. There will be another following this. Hopefully that will be finished in one or two days.

6.      Do you plan on keeping any from this litter?  Breeders typically only breed to keep their lines going – they breed for themselves, for the love of rats and to improve them - not to make money off of litters. I consider breeders that don't keep any from a litter suspect, unless there is a good reason for it.

7.      May I meet the parents? I have found good breeders generally let you see the parents, but some may be worried about illnesses being brought in if you are a current rat owner.  That is why some ratteries are closed to the public. You can’t blame them for that, because an illness brought in could devastate their rattery. I advise that you respect and abide by any precautions the breeder asks you to follow. They are only being responsible in taking care of their colony’s health.

8.      Do you screen potential adopters?  The answer should be, yes, and they tell you how they screen.

9.      If you don’t have any litters or pups available, who do you recommend? Typically a responsible breeder will only recommend another good breeder or a rescue.

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